The Jackal

The Jackal himself.

The Jackal is the main antagonist of Far Cry 2 — an American arms dealer, who supplies both sides with arms in the African civil war.

His real name is unknown. Your target is a U.S.-born arms trafficker with an extensive list of outstanding international warrants on charges ranging from piracy to violation of a U.N. arms embargo. The Jackal has eluded authorities for years, becoming a near-mythical figure to buyers of used military hardware. — Far Cry 2 manual

The Jackal is a quite desperately wanted man in Africa, but no one seems to be able to track him down. The player character is tasked with hunting him down. Aside from selling weapons the Jackal also spies on the APR and UFLL.

In the beginning of the game you actually meet the Jackal face to face. You have malaria and are laying in a bed, shivering with chills, as he fingers through your luggage on the floor in front of you. He could easily have killed you, but oddly enough he does not. This will not be your last encounter with him... At the end of the game after many more encounters with the Jackel the player then has to choose to use the battery to blow the bomb to block Soldiers from meshing with the Refugees crossing the Border or to get the Diamonds to pay off the Border Guards to let the 2 Million Refugees cross the Border. In both instances they both supposedly kill themselves for the greater good. But in both endings the Jackel's body is never recovered which could mean that he possibly survived.

The Jackal is a notorious arms dealer who has been selling his weapons to many countries in Africa: recently, to the warring factions the United Front for Liberation and Labour and the Alliance for Popular Resistance. He is wanted by the U.N. for breaking many arms laws, but has managed to avoid the authorities for many years now. The Jackal is known for selling his weapons at very low prices and being very good at hiding. He is a man of humanist and nihilist beliefs, even quoting Frederich Nietzche's Beyond Good and Evil when the player first encounters him.

The Jackal at one time agreed to an interview with Reuben Oluwagembi. The interview was recorded on tapes which were taken by the APR and the UFLL to cover up atrocities they committed. These tapes were somehow scattered by the mercenaries and ended up all over the country. Each tape features the Jackal's views on a particular subject, revealing his values, his experiences and his justifications for what he does.

Throughout the game you will find the so-called Jackal Tapes, interview recordings that shed an interesting light on this man's psyche. Collecting them is optional, but interesting none-the-less.