Nick Greaves is first lieutenant of the Alliance for Popular Resistance in Far Cry 2.

Act I:

Nick Greaves appears in Act I at the APR headquarters in Leboa-Sako as the right-hand man to Prosper Kouassi and briefs the player on the majority of the faction missions.

Unlike the other faction higher-ups who seem to have a callous disregard for the well-being of the native people, Greaves shows remorse for actions that, while necessary to wage war, harm innocent civilians.

However, Greaves still panders to the player's role as a mercenary, paying out in standard rough diamonds.

Act II: After his superior, Prosper Kouassi, is killed, Greaves runs to Bowa-Seko and becomes right-hand man to Oliver Tambossa, head of the APR. The two brief the player on faction missions at the APR HQ in Port Selao.

Act III: Even if you choose not to kill him, like all other potential faction leaders he is killed at the end of Act III in the Jungle Bivouac.