FC2 Located one of the Jackel Tapes

Found one of the Jackal Tapes using the GPS, in the north zone of Leboa-Sako (Northern District).

Jackal Tapes are short tape recordings of the Jackal — the infamous arms dealer the player is supposed to track down and kill — in an interview with Reuben Oluwagembi a journalist. They yield quite interesting insights into the Jackal's thoughts.

You will find them hidden throughout the game. Collecting them is of course optional. You do not have to collect them as part of the main story.

These tapes can be found via GPS, in the same way Diamond Cases (Icon Diamond Currency) are located. Open your hand-held map, and when the green light starts to blink, you will be near either a tape or a diamond case.

A total of 16 different such tapes exist. Bring these tapes to Reuben Oluwagembi at Mike's bar or the Marina bar. Bringing Jackal Tapes to Reuben will net you two achievements or trophies, "Investigative Reporter" and "Pulitzer material". To hear all 16 recordings, please see this page on the Far Cry wikia.


(Confirmed on PC, Xbox 360*) As of the latest patch (1.03) all tapes in the Southern district would play the same record - "09. Stealing Boots", no matter how many tapes have been recovered in the North, thus making the collection of all 16 records impossible. Therefore players are advised to play the game with an elder patch.

  • Although you can't listen to all 16 records, collecting them all will still reward you with the Pulitzer Material Achievement.

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