Multiplayer weapon stats, available as secondary weapon to the Guerrilla and Saboteur classes.

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are secondary weapons in Far Cry 2, avaliable in singleplayer.

The IED is strangely classified as a secondary weapon, even though a sidearm could have been carried as well. The IED can be placed like C4 on almost any surface. The IED is one of the best weapons for ambushing an enemy convoy or patrol, because it is easy to conceal alongside roads and/or bushes. The IED is also known as a roadside bomb, which is widely used with deadly effect by insurgents in Afghanistan aganist American soldiers. It's considered an unconventional weapon since not many armed forces use them. In Far Cry 2, they are made from simple materials like small cones and pipes. Unlike usual IEDs, the one that the player uses are detonated by the player himself, like C4. This weapon is exclusive to the player.

The IED has gained contemporary notoriety for its use against U.S and allied traffic during the 2001-present occupation of Afghanistan following invasion of that country after September 11th 2001. The IED is a standard tool in asymmetrical warfare: dud artillery shells refitted with manual triggering devices were buried in roads during the war in Vietnam and used to destroy American/ARVN vehicles.