Ithaca Homeland 37 Shotgun

The Homeland 37
FC2 MP Homeland 37

Multiplayer weapon stats, available as primary weapon to the Guerrilla class.

is a shotgun made by the Ithaca company. the shotgun is one of two availible in Far Cry 2, not counting the Fortunes pack, which adds another two. The Homeland is a pump-action shell-fed shotgun, firing from a tube magazine that holds a fair number of rounds.

Being pump-action, there is a delay between shots where the player racks the grip. This limits the firing rate of the Homeland severely. Additionally, the reload time is on the higher side. The shotgun is very common in the first map and during Act One. After moving to the second location, it becomes rarer, replaced by the SPAS, but it can still be found on enemies in the second map on occasion.