FC2 Golden AK-47

One of eight Golden AK-47s 'hidden' in the game world.

The so-called "Golden AK-47s" are spread out over the game world of Far Cry 2. They are more difficult to find than the Diamond Cases or Jackal Tapes, since they do not show up on your GPS. So you need to keep your eyes peeled, and look out for anything unusual.

There are a total of eight Golden AK-47s in the game: four in Leboa-Sako the Northern District and another four in Bowa Seko the Southern District.


  • The weapon seems to deteriorate much less than all the other weapons you find in the game, even those new ones bought at the local arms dealer's Weapon Shop (Icon Weapon Shop).
  • The weapon's precision may be higher than that of a normal (un-upgraded) AK-47.
  • The weapon looks rather 'cool' with its golden shine.
  • Other than that the weapon is pretty much the same as a normal AK-47.

Note: If you want to keep this weapon, but still try out other Primary Weapons, then you will need to buy a Primary Weapon Crate at the Weapon Shop and store it in the crate at any Armoury. You will lose the weapon when simply drop-exchanging it with another one.

Location tips:

  • Typically some wooden planks are barring your path to these weapons, be it planked huts or rock entrances to old mines.
  • In a few cases unusual objects, e.g. a barrel mark the spot of this weapon.
  • But other than — search the whole world very thoroughly — there is no easy way to find them, unless you use the maps below — spoiler warning!

Golden AK-47s Tape Locations

All Golden AK-47s locations have been clearly marked in two maps covering the Northern and Southern District.

FC2 Map ND Golden AK-47s

Location of the Golden AK-47s in Leboa-Sako the Northern District.

FC2 Map SD Golden AK-47s

Location of the Golden AK-47s in Bowa Seko the Southern District.

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