FC2 MP Flare Pistol

Multiplayer weapon stats, available as secondary weapon to the Sharpshooter class.

A nice secondary weapon which can be bought after the second weapon mission. It is a single shot weapon that fires a yellow shimmering flare. It usually rolls and bounces (watch out for ricochet) and then explodes setting nearby things on fire.

It has many uses which are:

  • distracting people with a small wildfire,
  • injuring people by setting them on fire,
  • making them come to your position when fired straight into the air (make sure to move away from where you shot it (when combined with camouflage you can make an awesome ambush),
  • setting cars on fire and
  • making barrels explode.

However, the few downsides are:

  • This weapon has very poor accuracy when used as a real combat weapon (remedied with a very cheap upgrade), unless you have extraordinary aim and know where it is going to bounce it is ill advised to use it as a combat weapon and it may ricochet and possibly harm you in the fire it could create.

I would advise using this weapon to soften up enemy bases. And it would make a nice addition to an all-automatic set-up. Another note is that it has a very large ammo count and good reliability. Although its ammo is harder to find than that of most other weapons e.g FAL or AR15.