FC2 MP Dragunov SVD

Multiplayer weapon stats, available as primary weapon to the Sharpshooter class.

Dragunov is the weakest sniper rifle in the Far Cry 2, requiring couple of rounds for killing a hostile. But unlike M1903 Springfield, it does not require getting its bolt pulled back manually every time the round is fired. Also, magazine and clip that AS50 and M1903 holds can only contain 5 rounds, while magazine that Dragunov uses can pack 10 rounds inside. With marksman bandolier, a shooter can kill the entire mercenaries guarding Fort, the Post Office, and so on with this rifle.

It is also known that a shooter can use this to injure an enemy by shooting his legs or arms, but not killing him, to attract more hostiles who tries to help the casualty. In this way, the shooter can easily kill all of them with less effort.

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