FC2 Dr. Leon Gakumba

Dr. Leon Gakumba

Mbantuwe's representative in the district of Leboa-Sako, Dr. Gakumba already had an established career as a political demagogue even before he threw his lot in with the UFLL. — Far Cry 2 manual
Doctor Leonid Gakumba is one of the leaders of the UFLL in the Northern Territory in Act 1. The player will encounter him more than once, at the UFLL HQ in Pala, where the player will take one main faction missions for varying amounts of diamonds. End of Act I: In the climax of Act 1, the player character is warned that Leon Gakumba and the UFLL are planning on killing him and his buddies, as well as the refugees in town, believing they are all spies. The player has the choice to either save his buddies, or Father Maliya and the refugees at the church. Either way, the player's efforts to hold off the mass amounts of UFLL are in vain, and he is wounded during the gunfight. After being rescued by The Jackal, the player character is ordered by an APR lieutenant to assassinate Leon Gakumba, who is giving a speech at a UFLL meeting. The player character heads to the meeting, successfully kills Gakumba, exacts revenge and in the process, greatly weakens the UFLL.

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