FC2 Diamond Case

The uncounted last diamond case that you retrieve at the end of the game.

The only relevant currency in Far Cry 2 are diamonds (Icon Diamond Currency). These are used to buy new weapons from arms dealers in Weapon Shops (Icon Weapon Shop), since the weapons scavenged from enemies in the game, are rusty and unreliable. Diamonds also make it possible to purchase all sorts of useful Upgrades, that improve weapons, carry more ammo, quickly repair vehicles, and more.

To 'earn' diamonds it possible to either take on main missions from the factions APR or UFLL, or go out into the African landscape and look for the so-called Diamond Cases — suitcases that send out a homing signal that the GPS can track at short distance.

A total of 221 Diamond Cases are spread out in the world for Far Cry 2. Each Zone (1x1 km² area) shows a diamond counter in the top left of the map, making it clear how many diamonds that is possible find.

All the diamond cases find are clearly marked on the map with a blue diamond icon (Icon Diamond), once found, as a reminder. Each case can contain one to three diamonds, though most cases will only contain one diamond.

The 1st Diamond Case

Icon DiamondIcon Diamond RedThere are four posssible places where the first case can spawn. It is dependant on the direction the player walks out of Pala during the fight— Slaughter House, Fresh Fish, Lumber and Cock-Fights. Note that only one of these four cases are spawned in the game.

Diamond Case Locations

All diamond case locations have been clearly marked in two maps covering the Northern and Southern District.

FC2 Map ND Diamond Cases

Location of the Diamond Cases in Leboa-Sako the Northern District.

FC2 Map SD Diamond Cases

Location of the Diamond Cases in Bowa Seko the Southern District.

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