The list below contains the characters you will encounter in Far Cry 2. Some of them are faction-less (e.g. your Buddies), others belong to one of three factions: the APR, the UFLL and the Underground.

Arms Dealer

  • The Jackal — The man the player is supposed to hunt down and kill.



Major Oliver Tambossa

The APR leader Major Oliver Tambossa.


Addi Mbantuwe

The UFLL leader Addi Mbantuwe

  • Addi Mbantuwe — Commander (Southern District)
  • Dr. Leon Gakumba — Lieutenant (Northern District)
  • Joaquin Carbonell — Sub-boss
  • Anto Kankaras — Sub-boss
  • Hector Voorhees — Sub-boss

The Underground

Only these men will be able to help acquire Malaria pills, vital for the survival of the player:

  • Father Maliya — The priest of Pala (Northern District).
  • Doctor Obua — The doctor of Port Selao (Southern District).


Per game you will be able to encounter 11 of the 12 Buddies. One of male buddies is the Avatar you choose to play at the beginning of the game.

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