FC2 Addi Mbantuwe

Addi Mbantuwe

The ruthless strongman behind the outlawed Authenticity Party, Mbantuwe reinvented himself as leader of the UFLL. He assembled disenfranchised soldiers, rebels, and mercenary stalwarts of the defunct Bastion UK into a loosely knit faction he runs from the social club in Port Selao. — Far Cry 2 manual
Addi Mbantuwe is the Leader of the UFLL. He is a former labor union chief and opposition leader. Mbantuwe is a ruthless man, commanding an army of rebels and mercenaries from the social club in Port Selao. The player can choose to kill him in Act 2. Also Addi Mbantuwe is mentioned in the Jackal Tape entitled "Smuggling". From the sound of it, the two men have met at some point.

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