FC2 MP AK-47

Multiplayer weapon stats, available as primary weapon to the Commando class.

Automatic Kalishnikov model 47 — also known as the AK-47.

The AK-47, possibly the most famous weapon ever created, was designed by Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov during the close of World War Two. Since the Russian Army adopted it in 1947, it has been exported to all corners of the globe, and been copied by the Chinese, Polish, Czechs, and countless other nations. the AK model line survies even today, with the AK-103/108, a testament to the rifle's unfailing reliability. The AK-47 fires a 7.62mm bullet, giving it more than enough stopping power to take down most hostiles.

The AK as modeled in Far Cry is, like the real version, reliable to a fault. new models will fire thousands of rounds before failure, making it one of the most reliable weapons in the game. The AK can be found easily in the first map, where it is common among enemies. In the second map, however, it is phased out in favor of the FAL and AR15 assault rifles.

Through searching and exploration, it is possible to find several golden AK-47s, an easter egg that is a refrence to the Nicolas Cage movie Lord Of War, where Cage's character has an identical AK-47 made for an African warlord. These special AK's have the wooden stock removed and feature a reflective gold finish on the metal parts, as well as polished wooden furniture. These unique rifles have slightly higher health than the regular AK, along with the appeal of carrying a 'golden gun'.